Below are links from many breeders as well as links of sites that have been of great help to me. If you would like to add your link to our site and do a link exchange, please send an email and we would be more than happy to include your site.
Snow Globe Silkies ~ Eddy Travers' beautiful silkies.
Powder Puff Silkies ~ Lissa Courville. Great source of information for breeding cuckoo silkies.
Fluffnstuff ~ Quality Bearded Silkies in 7 Colors Located in NY.
The Chicken Dr. ~ Peter Brown. excellent source for medical advice and treatments. Great store for vet supplies.
Tommy's Pet Paradise
Brown Egg Blue Egg ~ Images, Health Articles, Links, Show Dates, and Stories about Silkies, Araucanas, Chickens, and Poultry.
  HatTrick Silkies ~ Beautiful Bearded Silkie Bantams & Lionhead Rabbits.
Deb's Birds ~ Aviary Birds & Silkie Chickens Lovingly Raised & Sold.
The Poultry List ~ Poultry Classifieds, Wanted Ads, Calendar of Events. free to buy & free to list
provides chickens, turkeys, ducks, geese, guineas, pheasants, and chukars.
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