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**Regarding our Stock and Sales Policy**

We often receive questions in regards to purchasing our birds. We are requesting that before contacting us regarding availability and prices, that you please read the information provided on this page as it may answer any questions that you may have.

We breed our birds for our own personal and exhibition purposes; therefore, we do not mass produce nor do we breed our birds for the purpose of making a profit. This is a hobby that we all greatly enjoy. Unfortunately, we cannot keep every bird we produce. If something becomes availble we will list it on our individual sales page.

**Available Birds**

We try to provide the best care and environment for our birds. Upon hatching, our chicks are vaccinated for Mareks. They are all fed a good balanced diet, wormed quaterly, and kept in a clean environment.

We do not offer chicks for sale or birds under 8 weeks of age. We occasionally offer birds over 6 months and usually they are sold in pairs. Started birds are sometimes available, but please understand that the quality and sex are hard to determine at this age and are not guaranteed; therefore, all unsexed birds are sold as PETS.

Interpretation of the quality of birds CAN differ from person to person.
We define them as follows:

PET QUALITY (PQ): A bird that has a disqualification(DQ) for show or a bird that has no DQ but we feel would not be of a benefit to a breeding program for the purpose of breeding show potential birds. Usually we will sell these birds as broodies or to approved homes only. PQ birds are pick up only. We do not ship these birds.

BREEDER QUALITY (BQ): A bird with a lot of good characteristics; however, not strong enough to compete against adequate competition. A good breeder bird is worth its weight in gold. With the correct pairing they can produce show potential birds. The birds we offer as breeders have undergone several evaluations by us as they matured and are birds we would consider using in our breeding program; however, due to various reasons (spacing/timing, etc.) we have chosen to part with them.

SHOW QUALITY(SQ): A bird with no DQs that is able to compete with the possibility to do well in a good sized sanctioned show against 'adequate' competition. Please note that any bird can be shown as long as it has no DQs, however, it does not necessarily mean that it is a "SQ" bird. Champion Show birds can produce champion birds, but can also produce poor birds as well as birds with DQs. Silkies cannot be evaluated for SQ until they are at least near maturity, and sometimes, even older. It takes a lot of work, time, and dedication to create a champion bird.

Birds are offered on a 'first come first serve' basis once they are posted on the Sales page and are considered SOLD once full payment has been received - this includes shipping charges. We do not hold birds for any reason; therefore, we do not accept deposits or partial payments. If you have inquired about a bird and have not paid in full, it will sell to someone else without notice. Prior to contacting us, please be sure you are serious about the sale and will follow through. We do not offer any refunds or replace birds for any reasons (No exceptions!). If we are not able to fulfill the sale for any unforseen reason, we will refund you in full.

**Shipping Birds**

We do not provide shipping to orders less than $100 (in addition to the cost of shipping). Shipping is available, weather permitting. We only ship when the temps are between 50-80 degrees on both locations. Pick-ups are welcomed and prefered. We will also deliver to shows we attend.

Please understand the many risks of shipping. Shipping is hard and stressful on the birds. We make every effort to ensure that our birds are happy and in excellent health condition. Once birds leave our property we are not responsible for their well being. We do not replace birds or refund money for birds lost by the post office or due to stress.

The week prior to shipping we will prepare the birds for their trip by providing additional electrolytes in their water. Birds are shipped in approved USPS bio-filtered Horizon boxes and are provided fruits and greens for their trip. They will also be clean, trimmed, and bug free. We will also provide a tracking slip.

We charge a flat shipping fee that is non-negotiable (Express shipping):

1-2 birds $75-$80
(for 2 birds 1 box or 2 depending on the size of the bird)

3-4 birds $100-$125

( 3+ boxes)


**Hatching Eggs**

Once in a while we will offer hatching eggs. Please understand that there are MANY risks involved with shipping hatching eggs after they leave our hands. From the post office misshandling them to the way they are incubated. An egg that does not develop does not mean that it was infertile! Fertile eggs can fail to develop due to damage caused from excess handling, bumps, and such from the trip.

We do our best to package the eggs well to prevent breakage and damage due to transit and handling from the post office; however, arrival without breakage does not guaranteed an excellent hatch. You can have a good hatch of at least 50% or have zero hatch. Either way, we make NO guarantees on hatching eggs due to circumstances beyond our control as well as we cannot guarantee that if they do hatch you will end up with champion show birds. Honestly, no one can guarantee a show bird based on eggs regardless of the quality of the parents.

Once they leave or hands, we are not responsible of how they are handled while they are in transit. We do not replace eggs or refund money.

**Payment Methods**

We accept Paypal or cash only.


If you agree to our policy terms, please feel free to procede to our sales pages below.

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